Casting Adviser

The Casting Adviser is a software program that helps designers and casting users to make a component and load-related selection from the wide variety of casting materials and processes available and to become more familiar with them.

You enter the required profile in two steps: first enter the required mechanical parameters and, if need be, further properties. As a second step you enter specifications on the component geometry, tolerances, and expected quantities.  As a result you will get a list of the casting materials and casting processes that qualify and for which you can request further details upon demand.

You can select the search mode: either a simple and quick search or a detailed and precise, enhanced search mode. Furthermore, the controls allow you to vary the parameters for an even more precise definition of the required profile.

Reverse searches are also possible: by entering a material designation, a material code or standard you end up with the standardized material parameters and properties.  For this functionality the Casting Adviser consults a database containing over 500 casting materials.

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